Fremont Community Joint Zoning Board of Appeals

Regular Meetings

Our Fremont Community Joint Zoning Board of Appeals meets in the Court Room at the Fremont Municipal Building at 7 p.m. on the 1st Tuesday of each month on an as-needed basis. Public notices are published in the Times Indicator 15 days prior to any meeting. For further information, contact the Zoning Administrator.

  • View the Zoning Board of Appeals Schedule for meeting times and dates.


Membership & Appointment Procedures

There shall be 9 members on the Fremont Community Joint Zoning Board of Appeals, 3 from each participating municipality (City of Fremont, Dayton Township and Sheridan Charter Township). Each member shall hold office for a 3 year term. When members are 1st appointed, the appointments may be for less than 3 years to provide for staggered terms. One of the municipality's representatives shall be a member of the Joint Planning Commission who shall serve the term as provided on the Joint Planning Commission. A member of each Township Board and the City Council may also be a member but may not chair the Joint Zoning Board of Appeals.