Planning Commission History

Cooperation between the City of Fremont and Sheridan Charter and Dayton Townships with regard to joint planning was initiated in 1998. Officials from each of the governmental units met on a regular basis to discuss how best to handle the expansion of utilities and other services into the Townships. After extensive negotiations, a utility map was created. This utility map needed to be incorporated into a regional plan, so the natural progression was to develop a regional master plan, which resulted in the adoption of the Fremont Area Joint Comprehensive Development and Growth Management Plan (the “Plan”) by the City of Fremont and Dayton and Sheridan Charter Townships in June of 2001.

By the time the Plan was created, the 3 governmental units had worked together enough to understand the positions each had on various topics, even if they did not necessarily agree with the positions held. Officials became aware of each others’ positions on matters, which made negotiations more productive. After the Plan was created, the issue of the City providing utilities and other urban services to areas of the Townships was still a topic of conversation. After extensive negotiations, an Agreement was executed in December 2004 titled the “Development Cooperation Agreement among the City of Fremont, Dayton Township and Sheridan Charter Township.” The Agreement was drafted under MI P.A. 425, which allows for the conditional transfer of property from the Townships to the City in return for the City providing urban services and in Fremont’s case, sharing a portion of the newly raised property tax revenue back with the Townships.

Joint Planning Act
When the new Joint Planning Act, Michigan P.A. 226 of 2003 became law, there was talk within the Fremont Area Joint Planning Committee that Garfield and Sherman Townships should be part of the planning efforts in the Fremont Area since these Townships are a key part of the Fremont community. Therefore, the existing Fremont Area Joint Planning Committee desires these 2 Townships be a party to any multi-jurisdictional agreement that is created so that all 5 government units in the Fremont Area can be involved in joint planning efforts. Sherman Township has chosen to be involved with the creation of the multi-jurisdictional agreement whereas Garfield Township has chosen not to participate at this time. The agreement that is to be created should provide for adequate representation from the City of Fremont, Dayton, Sheridan Charter and Sherman Townships.