We are committed to quickly addressing winter road hazards, such as icy intersections or drift-covered sections of road. When snow accumulation has reached approximately one inch, our salt crew will begin salting the main roads (Main, Stewart & Stone), all intersections and roads with curves and steep slopes. Our crews begin plowing operations of the entire street system following an accumulation of two inches. It would be prohibitively expensive to completely salt every street and would result in corrosive damage to streets, light poles, lawns and trees. It would also greatly increase the salinity of our area's lakes and streams, causing stress on our fish and wildlife populations.

Snow Removal Policy

We generally call in our crew at approximately 4:00 a.m. to begin opening up the major routes for business and school bus usage. We also work to clear the parking lots downtown before the breakfast crowd hits the restaurants. We move snow from downtown sidewalks onto Main Street with our brush or blower, then plow toward the center and remove the snow later in the day, usually by early afternoon. The sidewalk plow begins clearing residential sidewalks once the streets are clear.

Additional Information

For more information, please view our Snow Removal Guidelines (PDF)