Workplace Violence

The City is committed to reducing the potential for workplace violence. In this regard, it is the policy of the City to prohibit acts or threats of violence by any party, directed toward employees, citizens, elected officials, visitors to the City’s facilities or others.

Related to this policy, the City is committed to the following:

Providing a safe and healthful work environment, consistent with health and safety rules.

Taking prompt remedial action, up to and including discharge against any employee who engages in threatening behavior or acts of violence.

Taking appropriate action against any non-employee who engages in such behavior including former employees and visitors to City facilities, up to and including criminal prosecution.

Prohibiting unauthorized firearms or other weapons on City premises.

Employees who display a tendency to engage in violent, abusive or threatening behavior may be referred to the City’s health plan for counseling or other appropriate treatment. Such employees may also be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.

Additionally, it is the responsibility of City employees to assist in identifying problem employees. Supervisory personnel should be immediately notified of situations or incidents involving threats, acts of violence, aggressive behavior, threatening or offensive comments and similar acts. Employee reports made pursuant to this policy will be held in confidence to the maximum possible extent. The City will not tolerate retaliation against any employee reporting a violation of this policy.