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  1. Go green! Go Paperless! City of Fremont residents have the option of receiving their utility bills electronically. Electronic bills will be emailed from the "City of Fremont (" email account. If you do not receive the electronic bill, please check your SPAM/JUNK folder or contact City Hall at (231) 924-2101 or Bills will be emailed around the 15th of the following months: January, April, July and October.
  2. You can find this information on your quarter utility bill. ie: MAI3-000101-0000-01
  3. I authorize the City of Fremont to email my quarterly utility bill to the email address indicated above. I understand that the quarterly utility bill is the only statement that will be emailed and that I will no longer receive a printed utility bill. I will notify the City of Fremont if my emails address changes or if I wish to receive a printed utility bill again. Further, I understand that failure to receive the electronic bill does not waive penalties.
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