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1. What is the address and contact information for the Fremont Police Department?
2. What are your normal business hours?
3. I have a question about a traffic ticket I received. Who can I contact?
4. I received a parking ticket. What happens if I don’t take care of it?
5. I need to have my fingerprints taken for employment purposes. Will the police department do this for me?
6. Will the police department help me if I lock my keys in my car?
7. I had a traffic accident on the roadway; do I have to make a police report?
8. I had an accident with my vehicle on private property. Do I need to report this?
9. I am considering hiring a new employee but would like to know if he / she has a criminal history. How can I find out this information?
10. Occasionally I see City officers outside the City limits. Can they write me a ticket when they are outside the City?
11. Do I have to register my bicycle?
12. We are leaving for vacation. Will the police department watch our home?
13. We have a stray dog hanging around our house. Will the police pick it up?
14. Will the police pick up a stray cat we have at our home?