City Manager Relations

Our City Charter established Fremont as a Council-Manager form of government. The Council is a 5-member board, including the Mayor.

The Mayor and Council appoint a City Manager who serves at the Council’s pleasure. The Manager is present during meetings to give advice and make recommendations on policy and other issues; the Council may or may not adopt them and may modify the recommendations.

The City Manager is bound by whatever action the Council takes and is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the Council’s adopted policies and direction. The Council in turn supervises and evaluates the Manager’s performance.

In general, the functions of the Council and Manager are as follows:

General Functions of the City Council
  • Respond to citizen concerns
  • Represent various segments of the community
  • Appoint and direct the City Manager and City Attorney
  • Establish City policies by enacting ordinances and resolutions
  • Approve the annual City budget
  • Determine City tax rates and fees
General Functions of the City Manager
  • Serve the City Council and community
  • Administer City government projects and programs
  • Recruit, hire and supervise City staff
  • Serve as the Council's chief advisor
  • Carry out Council policies
  • Prepare the City budget for Council consideration