Maple Grove Cemetery
Our peaceful cemetery allows for quiet reflection and remembrance of your loved ones. You can search an online map of the cemetery for those who have been placed to rest in our cemetery.

Reserve a Lot
The purchase of a lot may be made by the payment of cash or the execution of a purchase agreement with the City. Such purchase agreements are subject to approval of the City Clerk as to price and credit terms. Any amount in excess of $50 may be accepted as a down payment. However, no burial will be allowed, nor any monuments erected upon any lot for which the full purchase price has not been paid; nor shall any burial be allowed on any lot against which there is any charge for care of improvement, until such charges are paid.

When a lot is paid for in full, the City Clerk shall issue a deed to the purchaser for only cemetery purposes. All purchase agreements must be paid in full within six months of the date of the agreement or all rights to the lot and payments made will be forfeited.