2023 Taxes Levied

Summer Levies

Taxing Jurisdictions
Homestead Non-Homestead
City of Fremont 15.00 15.00
Fremont Public Schools Operating Millage
0 17.8903
School Debt 7.00 7.00
School Sinking Fund
2.4814 2.4814
State of MI (SET) 6.00 6.00
Newaygo County Operating Millage 5.2142 5.2142
 Fremont Community Recreation Authority 0.4999 0.4999
Total Summer Levy
36.1946 54.0849

2023 Winter Levies

 Taxing Jurisdiction
County Road Patrol, Commission on Aging & Veterans  2.0350  2.0350
NC-RESA School  5.9677 5.9677
Fremont Area District Library  2.6787  2.6787
County Medical Care Bond    .3000    .3000
Total Winter Levy10.981400 10.981400

Total Taxes

 Homestead Non-Homestead
 Total Taxes
   47.176000     65.066300

Additional Resources

Personal Property Taxes for businesses are sometimes confusing; please view the Personal Property Tax Information Guide (PDF) for your reference.

Please view and file the Homestead Exemption Affidavit Form (PDF) to see if you meet the qualifications. If so, your summer taxes will be reduced by 18 mills or the amount of the school operating tax.