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New Trail Project - Logo

Mission Statement:

To provide a non-motorized recreation/nature path within the City of Fremont, Sheridan Charter Township, Dayton Township and Sherman Township for all citizens of this community and it's visitors.

Town & Country Path Map (showing Phases 1, 2, 3 & 4)

The Town & Country Path currently entails 5.5 miles of non-motorized pathed pathway starting at the north end of Fremont and circling in and around west and southerly to Fremont Lake Park and then westerly to the Fremont Industrial Park.

Phase 1: Funding was awarded for the construction of the first phase (Phase 1) of the Non-Motorized/Recreational Nature Path to be known as the Town & Country Path in 2003.  Funding was made possible by the Fremont Area Community Foundation, City of Fremont, Dayton Township, Sheridan Township, Fremont Public Schools and donations from local businesses and citizens.

Town & Country Path - Picnic Shelter Town & Country Path
Town & Country Path

Phase 1 has two sections:
    -  One connecting Branstrom Park with Daisybrook and Pathfinder Elementary Schools.

    -  The other connecting the new Skate Park with Fremont Lake Park.

Phase 2:  The City of Fremont was also awarded a $130,560 grant from the Michigan DNR Trust Funds and an additional $50,000 from the Fremont Area Community Foundation to help construct the first (south) half of Phase 2 of the Town & Country Path.  Local Citizens and Businesses have also contributed over $60,000 toward the construction of Phase 2 of the Path.  Please view the Town & Country Path Map link above for current and planned routes.

The City contributed the remaining $30,000 needed to complete the north half of Phase 2, extending from the intersection of Main and Market streets, up Market and westerly on 44th to Pathfinder School

where the northern section of Phase 1 ends.  Path was installed as oppose to sidewalk.

A Feasibility Analysis for the entire path network was completed in 2008, detailing specific planned phases of the project, which totals more than 15 miles of path  (Feasibility Study file size: 8.5MB).  A community phone survey was conducted this spring to determine Fremont area citizen support for the proposed path. Here are some of the Community Survey’s comparative results from Fremont City residents and the residents within the entire Fremont area surveyed:

  • 87% 85% Agree with the construction of the proposed 15-mile pathway
  • 83% 79% Say they would personally use the path
  • 64% 64% Use walking as recreational activity, the #1 recreational activity of those surveyed; second was biking
  • 53-54% 49-54% Were certain to vote for a 9/10ths of a mill tax levy for the construction of the path
  • 63% 58% Were certain to vote for a 1/4 of a mill tax levy for operation and maintenance
  • 48% 40% Had only heard of the project prior to phone survey

The Town & County Path is member to the West Michigan Trails and Greenways Coalition.

Please feel free to attend a Fremont Area Park & Recreation Advisory Committee meeting if you have other recreation ideas or would like to propose a project or show your support. Contact the City Clerk for the next meeting date or for more information.

Check out the Town & Country Path Logo Contest winner.
Please note: The files is rather large and may take a few moments to load.



City of Fremont
101 E. Main St.,
Fremont, MI 49412
P: (231) 924-2101
F: (231) 924-2888
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